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Conference Photos

Group Photo

STC 2018 Conference Photo

Hellmann Award

The Hellmann award was conferred to Bettina Keller from Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.
Hellmann Award Photo 1 Hellmann Award Photo 2 Hellmann Award Photo 3 Hellmann Award Photo 4

Hückel Award

The Hückel award was bestowed to Hans-Joachim Werner from the University of Stuttgart, Germany.
Hückel Award Photo 1 Hückel Award Photo 2 Hückel Award Photo 3 Hückel Award Photo 4

Poster Prize

The poster prize of the STC 2018 was awarded to Gunnar Schmitz from Aarhus University, Denmark.
Poster Prize Photo

Photo Gallery

Many more photos from the conference will be uploaded here in 1-2 weeks. Please check back.

The photos on this page have been taken by Martin Brehm. Please ask if you want to re-use some of the photos.

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